I’ve been trying many different brands of shampoo for my damaged hair due to rapid bleaching and colouring. Till I tried Vitas Pro moisture range. It gives my scalp a clean and minty feeling after use. Despite I still need to blow dry my hair with hairdryer everyday, I can feel that it really moisture my hair and leave it softer and much more manageable than before. The shampoo and conditioner are gentle enough to use on a daily basis without overloading the hair, and works well at cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. They have different range cater for beautiful hair or healthier scalp. It’s definitely worth giving the range a try.



Not someone that will bother about hair care, but came across the moisturising series & fell in love with it. It makes my hair so much softer and it smells awesome & the smell is very lasting. Looking forward to give other series a try!



Recent obsessed about hair care! Girls being girls, we want to look good from head to toe. Previously I splurged a lot on hair product but result is just so-so, after trying out the revitalizing scalp shampoo I’m so in love with it! It gives you a mint/cooling sensation on the scalp and keeps me fresh all day. Thereafter I try out their moisturizing series, it’s amazing. I can’t stop touching my hair because is much softer and leaving a light scent which smell so good, I can put my hair mist aside now. Can’t wait to try other series.