Who We Are

Vitas Pro is a scalp and hair care company that brings forth the best products for consumers with the aim of achieving healthier scalp and beautiful hairs.
At Vitas Pro, we work with leading hair and scalp care professionals, salon owners and retailer to provide quality and reliable solutions in order to deliver prestigious and trusted hair and scalp care products that are developed in line with end user expectations.
From the beginning stages of research to product testing and finally the launch of the products are all carefully developed by our group of professional experts who possess many years of experiences and knowledge in the hair and beauty care industry.
Our extensive range of hair and scalp care products are primarily formulated with the finest natural ingredients and extracts that promotes healthy hair regeneration and effectively solve hair issues.

Vitas Pro Mission

To research, seek and induce more organic and high grade natural ingredients to the development of even better range of Vitas hair and scalp care products.

Our Vision

To effectively promote and increase market awareness on the benefit use of natural and organic products which can help increases and enchants one well being for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Vitas Pro is proud to be awarded the Singapore Brands 2013/2014.
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